PGL Meetings 
     The next PGL Tri-Annual Communication will take place on 30th October, 2015
in Lodge Union & Crown No.307 at 7.30pm.

Up and Coming Events

Saturday 30th May & 6th June- PGL Senior Intender Training 
in Lodge Nitshill  No.1478 at 9.30 for 10.00am

Sportsman's Dinner at Lodge POW No. 426 - Friday 11th September cost £25
7 for 7.30pm - Contact Chris Kerr or Commission
Speakers Willie Young & Gordon Smith

Lunch at Lodge 307, Barrhead - Saturday 26th September cost £15
1.00 for 1.30pm - Contact Willie Fleming 

Library Opening
The library faciltiy in Lodge The Royal Stuart No.1414 is open for borrowing books.
The website is accessed through:


Recently added: 

the new read online facility of 453 downloadable books, articles, magazines is available for viewing.

Message from John our Provincial Grand Master

Not long now until the recess ( what recess I hear some of you cry!). As you will be aware a number of our Lodges within Renfrewshire East continue to meet during the Summer months so look out for the meetings at:
  • 426   Lodge Prince of Wales
  • 1116 Paisley St. James 
  • 1386   The Kings Park Lodge
  • 1434   Lodge Randolph
  • 1453   Lodge St Christopher
  • 1557   Lodge Douglas

Since the last update we have made substantial progress with a number of initiatives within the Province:

  1. Intender Training.

Our first Level 1 training course was successfully completed in January and 10 newly trained and qualified Intenders were presented with their Certificate of Achievement at the PGL Annual Meeting on 31st January.Following on from that success another Level 1 course was begun on “14th March and we look forward to the outcome later in March when we trust more Certificates of Achievement will have been duly earned.

A further Level 1 course is planned for April and already we have a list of Brethren keen to participate and invest their time and effort for the betterment of themselves , the Lodges and the Province.

     Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do"

The first Level 2 course is scheduled for June and those successful with the Level 1 course will have the opportunity to further develop themselves as Senior Intenders again to the benefit of the Lodges and the Province.

2.  New Intrants Handbook.

The Handbook, developed by PG Secretary Bro. Grant MacLeod and SPGM Bro. Iain McPhee will be with the printers shortly and we anticipate distribution before the end of April. It describes how the Craft operates and will answer the “Frequently Asked Questions “we hear from our New Members.

My thanks to Grant and Iain for their work on this very helpful Handbook – another step forward in our efforts to improve the care and attention our New Brethren deserve.

  1. Education Manual

     We have at present, a small working party developing an Education Manual which, when complete, will be distributed to each Lodge.  Brethren as         they progress through their Degrees will receive a section at a time building up into the full manual for their ongoing reference , understanding and         knowledge.

     The manual will have a section on each of the 3 Degrees plus a section on the Mark. It will contain useful explanatory papers to assist understanding      of the Craft with useful references and a recommended reading list along with links to useful Masonic Websites.


       4.  PGLRE Library – Read On Line Facility now live and available.

        In addition to the 500 or so Masonic Books within our lending Library we now have an On Line facility with some 453 books / magazines /         articles on Freemasonry all available to be down loaded or read on line at your own convenience. Our thanks go to Bro John Morrison RWM 1218         for his expertise in making this facility a reality.

  1. Minimum 6 weeks between Degrees Trial   

    Since the turn of the year I have had the opportunity to talk to a number of Lodges about the merits of extending the period between Degrees from the     current minimum of two weeks to the suggested 6 weeks.I believe that a move to a minimum of 6 weeks between degrees will be to the benefit of the     candidates and in the whole scheme of things that is the most important consideration. I`d be happy to address any Lodge on the benefits of this             recommended change.

Please note the Forthcoming PGL Events – when your support will be greatly appreciated:

PGL Annual Divine Service - Sunday 26th April

    Our Annual Divine Service this year will be held in the Cathcart Congregational Church, Sunday 26th April, 2.30 for 3.00pm. Bro. Pastor Bill Shirlaw     PG Chaplain will take the Service in his Church marking his 30 years service as a PGL Chaplain. We trust there will be a large turnout of Lodges and     Brethren on the day.

PGL Tri Annual Meeting – Monday 27th April

    The April meeting of PGL will be held in the premises of The St. John`s Operative Lodge No. 347 at 5 Melrose Ave, Rutherglen at 7.00 for 7.30pm.     My thanks to all at 347 for their ready agreement in allowing PGL to use their premises on this occasion. Again we trust the meeting will be well             supported by the Lodges and Brethren of the Province.

New Members Seminar – Saturday 23rd May

    The New Members Seminar is now a well established and very important date in the PGL Calendar. This year we have chosen a Saturday morning         recognising that many of our newer Brethren prefer this to a Friday evening.

    The meeting is scheduled for a 10.00am start at the premises of Lodge Union & Crown No. 307 in Barrhead, and will be concluded by 12.15 /                 12.30pm. We would encourage the attendance of not only the New Members and their Proposers & Seconders but any Brother who wishes to find         out more about Freemasonry in Renfrewshire East. Our thanks to 307 for again hosting this Event.

This year we will be honoured with the presence of the recently installed Depute GM Bro. Ramsay McGhee (whose Mother Lodge is St. Barchan No.156) and also Bro. Archie McGown Past Depute GM and a Past Substitute PGM of this Province.

As you can see there is plenty going on in Renfrewshire East and we are grateful for the continuing support and commitment of the Lodges and Brethren. Please support our various Events in the run up to the recess.

Provincial Grand Master


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