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     The next PGL Tri-Annual Communication will take place on 27th April, 2015
in Lodge St. John's Operative No.347 at 7.30pm.

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Saturday 18th & 25th April - PGL Intender Training 
in Lodge Nitshill  No.1478 at 9.30 for 10.00am

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Message from John our Provincial Grand Master

As we approach the Festive Season and a well earned rest for all our Lodges and Brethren, I`d like to update you on the progress of our Education Programme.

Intender Training

Our Intender Training Programme is up and running with a very successful inaugural session in November. If you would like to be involved and thereby assist your Lodge then please let PG Secretary Grant know ASAP and he will add you to the list.

New Members Handbook & Education Manual

 At present we are nearing completion with the development of a “New Members Handbook” and anticipate this to be ready for introduction early in 2015.


At the same time we are developing an Education Manual to include a section on each of the 3 Degrees and the Mark Ceremonial. This will explain in more detail, for the benefit all Brethren, the contents and the lessons of each Degree. This we know will assist the Proposers and Seconders as they undertake their responsibilities supported as required by our trained and qualified Intenders. This helpful manual we expect to be complete and available by Springtime 2015.

Trial re moving from minimum 2 weeks to 6 weeks between Degrees

Our Trial of extending the minimum period between degrees from 2 to 6 weeks has been taken up by a number of lodges and I am sure that the inconvenience of adjusting their syllabus accordingly, will be rewarded with better informed and more knowledgeable new Brethren. I am equally sure that the “infill” lectures on the degrees and the explanations of the symbolism of each degree will be equally beneficial for our experienced Brethren.


I would extend warm congratulations from all at PGLRE to all our newly Installed RWMs and Office Bearers across the Province and wish you all a very happy, enjoyable and successful year in office. We look forward to working closely with you in the year that lies ahead.

Finally Brethren, I would like to extend to you and your families, the compliments of the Season and wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy, enjoyable and prosperous New Year,

John Miller

The Intender Training dates are now finalised and any brother wishing to put his name forward for training should contact PG Secretary Bro. Grant MacLeod.  

Dates are as follows:

January 2015         - Saturday 17th - Training Day 2 (10.00 - 15.00)                   


January 2015         - Sunday 18th   Assessment Day (12.00 - 15.00)


Provincial Grand Master


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