PGL Meetings 
The next PGL Tri-Annual Communication will take place on 31st October, 2014 
in Lodge Houstoun St. Johnstone No.242 at 7.30pm.
Up and Coming Events

PGL Lunch - 20th September in Barrhead cost £15
Lodge McLaren No.1688 will host the Widows Sons Masonic Bikers
to carry out an exemplification of the EA Degree on 10th Sept 2014
East Kilbride Lodges' Dance
The Annual Dinner Dance will be held in the Bruce Hotel, East Kilbride, Friday 8th August 2014, tickets £25.
Deposit of £10, 6.30pm for 7.30pm, all monies should be paid before the Lodges recess, dress casual but smart & no jeans.    Live Entertainment
Names should be forwarded to:
Robert Cook  Lodge St Andrews  524   07504071118            Andy McMahon  Lodge  Kilbride 1557   07805942506
David  Jephson   Lodge Douglas 1667     07429608587               Michael   Meldrum    Lodge McLaren  1688  07762539163

Library Opening
The new library faciltiy in Lodge The Royal Stuart No.1414 is open for borrowing books.
The website is accessed through:


Message from John our Provincial Grand Master


               Brethren, the Annual Visits are now complete and I’m pleased to confirm that all Lodges have again received a well-earned “clear minute.”  My thanks to all of the Lodges for their good works and their continued valuable support of PGL.

As we approach the Recess there are still a number of lodge meetings to attend and where your support will be appreciated (see the Kalendar).

 Please also remember that the following lodges have meetings during the Recess period and they would appreciate your support where & when you can:

  426, 1116, 1219,1386,1434 & 1453 (1557 Special MMM by PMs on 22/8/14)

The annual New Members Seminar this year will again be held in Lodge Union & Crown No.307 on Friday 23rd May 7.00 for 7.30pm. This is not restricted to those who have joined recently, all are welcome, and we hope to see a large turnout to experience what we have to say to our newer Brethren.

You will be aware that we are striving to raise funds for the PGL Benevolent Fund, which of course benefits Brethren and their families across the Province. We have arranged the following Fund Raising Events and I’d invite our Lodges to demonstrate their support through the purchase of tickets and their attendance at these events.

 *  Sportsmans Dinner at Lodge Georgetown Cardonald 1170 , on Friday June 6th 6.30 for 7.00pm 

    Tickets £25 via Bro. Chris Kerr on 07702 131238

*   Curry Night at Lodge Busby St. John 458 , on Thursday 26th June , 7.00 for 7.30pm - Tickets £10 via Bro. George Bell 

 Lunch at Lodge Union & Crown 307 on Saturday 20th September 1.00 for 1.30pm - Tickets £15 via Bro. Bill Fleming SPGM. Entertainment by “ Piggery Brae “

Our Education Programme Masonic was “ showcased “ at Grand Lodge on 29th March with the Grand Master Mason and over 200 Brethren , representing 27 Provinces , in attendance.  The GMM is very impressed with our work in this field and has encouraged other Provinces to follow our example.

The Intender Training dates are now finalised and any brother wishing to put his name forward for training should contact PG Secretary Bro. Grant MacLeod.  

Dates are as follows:

November 2014     - Saturday / Sunday  29th / 30th                (choice of dates)


January 2015          - Saturday /  Sunday 17th / 18th                      “       “      “


January 2015  - Saturday / Sunday 24th / 25th   (Assessment)    “     “     “


Our popular Education Dinner (held every 2 years) is being held this year on Wednesday 11th June at Lodge Prince of Wales No.426, Renfrew at 6.30 for 7.00pm.  The GMM and Grand Secretary will be attending the Dinner when our guest speaker will be Bro. James Bartlett who has responsibility for the Mentoring Programme in the UGLE.

Tickets are £15 are available via Bro. Bill Fleming SPGM.

We are grateful at PGL for the continued high level of support we experience from the Lodges across the Province as we look to further develop that mutual support.  In the meantime enjoy the Recess, if you have one and enjoy your holiday wherever it might take you.



John S Miller


Provincial Grand Master


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