Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East

1566 Erskine Home Special Meeting

On Wednesday 7th September The Lodge of Erskine No. 1566 held their Special Erskine Home Meeting at the Masonic hall in Luckinsford Rd, Inchinnan.

The meeting was opened by the RWM Bro. Robert Bell who then welcomed all the brethren and received a deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East, headed by the PGM Bro. Ronald E. Fraser.

Quickly followed by a deputation from the Grand Lodge of Scotland, headed by the MWGMM, Bro. William Ramsay McGhee.

As ever, the lodge are absolutely delighted to receive the ongoing support from Renfrewshire East and it was also great to welcome the Grand Master Mason into the lodge for the first time.

The meeting was then closed for some photos and a chance to set the hall up for the 2 main speakers.

The Lodge of Erskine No. 1566 back two rows - PGLRE and Grand Lodge front row

PM Bro. Dr Iain McPhee then took over as Master of Ceremonies and introduced the first speaker - PM Bro. Ian Wood from 1566 - who gave a fascinating talk on his life as a submariner:

A Life Below the Ocean Wave – Submariner Memories” which went down very well

The brethren thoroughly enjoyed this informative and unique insight into what life is like as a naval submariner on a nuclear submarine.

PM Bro. Dr Iain then introduced the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason, Bro. William Ramsay McGhee – who’s talk on “Around the World with Scottish Freemasonry” – gave the assembled brethren an idea of the huge task of traveling around all the various Districts and Provinces under the Scottish Constitution to carry out Rededications and Installations. Grand Lodge are now almost up to date with the backlog of special events throughout the world following the pandemic.

Bro. Dr Iain McPhee, GMM Bro. Ramsay and PM Bro. Ian Wood

The Grand Master Mason’s talk shows the amount of work carried out by The Grand Lodge of Scotland and it was certainly an eye opener to the assembled brethren - giving them a glimpse into the enormity of the work the GMM and his team do not only in Scotland, but throughout the world.

He is indeed a fantastic ambassador on behalf of Scottish Freemasonry.

Both speakers were really well received and were happy to answer questions from the assembled brethren.

MWGMM Bro. W. Ramsay McGhee, RWM of 1566 Bro Robert Bell, PGM of RE Bro. Ronald E Fraser

The night was a great success and the lodge raised the sum of £1000.

PM Bro. Ian Wood is seen here presenting a cheque from the lodge to Erskine Homes’ representative Craig Berry.

The lodge also presented The GMM Bro. Ramsay with a £100 cheque for his Make it a Million fundraiser on behalf of Prostate Scotland and donated £50 to the PGM Bro. Ronnie for his upcoming Zip Slide challenge on 16th September.

The RWM Bro. Robert Bell and the brethren from The Lodge of Erskine No. 1566 would like to thank everyone for their continued support and we are hopeful that the event will be held within the Home in 20th September 2023.

Article by PM Bro. Robert McPhee

The Lodge of Erskine No. 1566