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Anti-Masonic, Secret Societies & Exposes

Anti-Masonic, Secret Societies & Exposes (General) (A to C)

Anti-Masonic, Secret Societies & Exposes (General) (D to N)

Anti-Masonic, Secret Societies & Exposes (General) (O to Z)

Christian Cynosure

La Revue Antimaconnique

Leo Taxil

Ward H. D.


Ars Quatuor Coronatorum

AQC Folder 1

AQC Folder 2

QC Antigrapha Masonic Reprints





Constitutions, Manuals etc

[A to B]    [C]    [D to E]    [F to G]

[H to J]    [K to L]    [M to N]

[O to R]    [S]    [T]    [U to V]





Freemasonry in General

Barratt N. & Sache J. F.

Buck J. D.

Castells F de P

Gould R. F.

Harvey W.

Hughan W. J.

Mackey A. G.

Macoy R.

McClenachan C. T.

Morris R.

Newton J. F.

Oliver G.

Pike A.

Preston W.

Redding M. W.

Simons J. W.

Sparks J.

Speth G. W.

Ward J. S. M.

Warvelle G. W.

Wigston W. F. C.

Wilmshurst W. L.

Yarker J.


Grand Lodges Proceedings & Transactions Etc

Canadian Royal Arch

Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Canada

 Grand Lodge of California

 Grand Lodge of Colorado

 Grand Lodge of Illinois

 Grand Lodge of Minnesota

 Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania USA

 Grand Lodges of North Carolina & Tennessee



Historic Reference Books

A Universal History from the Earliest Account of Time

Archaeologia or Miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity


Europe (General) (A to H)

Europe (General) (J to W)

Cambridge Medieval History

Royal Historical Society - Transactions

Scots Peerage - R Douglas

Guilds, Operatives & Architecture

Guilds, Operatives & Architecture (General)

Britton J - Pugin A

Langley B – Architecture

Parker J H

Middle East

Middle East (General) (A to K)

Middle East (General) (L to W)

History of Egypt, Chaldea, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria – Maspero

History of Israel – Ewald

Translations of the Assyrian and Egyptian monuments

Wallis Budge 



Knights, Templars & Military Orders

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Manuscripts & Old Charges

Manuscripts & Old Charges (General)

Sloane MSS


Masonic Periodicals


The Builder Magazine 1915 to 1930

[1915]    [1916]    [1917]    [1918]

[1919]    [1920]    [1921]    [1922

[1923]    [1924]    [1925]    [1926]

[1927]    [1928]    [1929]    [1930]

The Kneph

The Trestle Board


Other Fraternities

Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine


Eastern Star

International Order of Good Templars

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Pythias

Knights of the Golden Circle & Sons of Liberty

Noble Order of the Garter

Sons of Temperance

The Odd Fellows

The Orange Society



Rosicrucian-Hermetic (General)

Mead G. R. S.

Heydon J.

Heindel M.

Westcott W. W.



Swedenborg (General)

Heavenly Arcana (English)

Heavenly Arcana (French)

Swedenborg Society collection


Theological & Philosophy

Theology & Philosophy (General) (A to E)

Theology & Philosophy (General) (F to O)

Theology & Philosophy (General) (P to W)

A. H. Sayce

Ante-Nicene Christian library

Babylonian Talmud trans M L Rodkinson

Bibliotheca Sacra & Theological Review

Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature

Encyclopedia of Religion & Ethics

G. S. Faber

Gesenius's Hebrew & Chaldean Lexicon to the Old Testament Scriptures

H. H. Milman - History of Latin Christianity

Langdon S-Babylonian studies

Men of the Bible series


Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archæology

Sacred Books of the East – Horne

The Jewish Encyclopedia